Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Advertising rates

SAYO Lao magazine targets people able to read in Lao or English, people interested in knowing more about Lao lifestyle, business and culture. Thus most readers are students, employees, businesspersons, tourists, expatriates, Lao people abroad, etc.
Everyone is welcome to read our magazine!

New Year's note

New Year often means new way of life. SAYO Lao starts the year 2010 by offering its dear readers a very beautiful calendar and by reducing its selling price from 19,000 LAK to 15,000 LAK. We hope you will enjoy it.
We do not forget our partners that allow us to continue our work month after month. Please feel free to visit their website.
This new blog will broadcast different information from the magazine; actually, we want the blog and the magazine to be complementary. Your comments are always welcome to help us to improve the content and we will often ask your opinion about various topics.
Thank you for reading SAYO Lao magazine, the best magazine in Laos!

January 2010 issue